Your Business Success is in the Hands of Your Employees

Getting the right people on the job is mission critical for all companies. Employees, whether staff or management, can make or break an organization.

April 2010 LMI Journal Featured Article on – Supervisory Management

Making team members aware of the importance of their work and how best to get it done prevents most problems that affect performance.

April 2010 LMI Journal Featured Article on topic– Organizational Leadership

Because a positive attitude forms the foundation for a positive self-image, building a positive attitude is the most effective method for developing a positive self-image. Knowing exactly what a positive attitude is will help accomplish this important task.

Improve Productivity with Communication

Written By Paul J. Meyer. (Reprinted with permission) Business leaders often state that one of the greatest needs in the workplace is people who can communicate. Once goal setting and planning are accomplished, goals and plans must be communicated to others whose cooperation is needed. Effective communication unifies employees and their work to the overall purpose and direction of the organization. Through communication, you raise your organization’s levels of energy, enthusiasm, and productivity! Mastering the art of communication is a complex process demanding time and ongoing effort. But choosing to continually improve your communication skills increases your productivity dramatically and the productivity of those around you.