How We Help You

Helping you design a better blueprint for your business success

Anyone who has been involved in business for any period of time understands that effective planning and implementation is crucial for any business success. But questions such as, “What will help my company the most?” or “What should I do next?” are often left without satisfactory answers or a clear direction and plan. Many small to medium sized business owners falter when these types of questions or challenges arise. The reason? These are simply not the areas of expertise that the business owner or management team has developed. When you consider how most business owners and leaders developed their business in the first place, by being good at some other skill, you can see why the challenges of business management is a job they are not necessarily properly equipped or trained to do.

The question “What Matters Most?” to your organization is then left unresolved, and this exactly where we can help. We work with you to discover your unique highest payoff activities while building systems and processes that will help your entire organization stay on task, on target and focused on the goals that will drive your organization’s success.

Getting everyone on the same page

Experience shows that success comes from the proper alignment of leadership, strategy, management, and culture. In fact, most challenges CEOs and management teams face are related to one of these. The services offered by Strategic Essentials are geared to help the business owner, the CEO, as well as the executive management team, to develop, drive and implement a strategic plan that will integrate the entire organization, making “What Matters Most” clear to every team member.

Clearer goals, better attitudes and planning

Along with targeted skill-building lessons and exercises, every LMI development process used by Strategic Essentials,  is designed to change attitudes and behaviors in a way that produces improved results while also establishing a strong understanding of universal “best business practices”. Clear and comprehensive goal setting and productivity methodologies are used in every process and are designed so that participants emerge with specific and measurable goals set around your organizational objectives; including detailed plans of action that support the attainment of those goals.

By using this approach and being clear about the potential for Return on Investment (ROI) in both cost savings and implementation of effective business practices, the process is seen as in investment in success as opposed to just another an expense for yet more training and development. With this approach, it then becomes the main driving force behind the implementation of your blueprint for success with a measurable ROI.

Our Value Proposition

We help individuals and organizations transform themselves and multiply their potential through strategic planning, improved awareness, leadership & staff development together with results management thus increasing organization profitability and owner wealth.

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Our clients achieve these results

The reason for the improved results are

  • The management team develops a complete understanding of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats-and then develops a “blueprint” to address them
  • A proven process is used to communicate the strategy to the entire organization
  • A development plan is created to build the talent and capabilities to execute the strategy
  • A results-based culture is created by aligning the individual goals with company goals, individual performance and project and task management

Tools & methods for designing your blueprint for success

  • LMI’s Strategic Development™ process methodology, assessment tools, and results
    management meetings to develop and execute an on-track plan
  • Strategies, management principles, and models for achieving sustainable and
    measurable performance gains
  • Workshops, consulting, coaching, organizational development programs, speaking,
    and written materials to implement change.
  • Partners who specialize in building business infrastructure (people, processes, and technology)

Business development programs

  • Why we can guarantee results and your satisfaction!
  • Your organization’s development needs may lead down one or more paths based on your own assessment developed during the planning phase. Listed are some of the programs that may be used by the primary department being developed and its responsibilities under the plan.