Reduce Your Risks

Reducing the Risks Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Business owners understand that there are many challenges when it comes to managing and operating a business. Everything from the day-to-day operations to strategic planning, sales and billing, infrastructure, team effectiveness, employee turnover, compliance with government regulation, succession planning as well as external pressures from marketplace competition, vendors and supplies, inflation and the price of goods, services and energy. And each with its own set of unique challenges and “risks” as well as knowledge requirements needed to manage them.

Four reasons why Business Consulting with Strategic Essentials is not a risk to your organization

Simply put… It’s the experience we have and the value we place on the relationship with you!

The Strategic Essentials Business, Management Consulting and Training Team is no stranger to business risk. We have all had our share in our personal business lives prior to pooling our talents and expertise. And it’s because that that experience and the LMI methodologies that we can confidently say… “If  a client is unhappy we will keep working with them until they are satisfied . . . Guaranteed!

You can rest assured that we not only have your back, but also your best interests in mind, because we truly do understand how challenging business can be.

1) A strategic relationship is important

  • We partner with you to integrate your industry knowledge with our own business acumen and development processes
  • Add strength and depth to your management team without significant costs or overhead.

2) The long haul and our commitment

  • We won’t give up on you! Our belief in people’s innate ability to be or do anything they desire and set their mind to is vast
  • Our methods, techniques, tools and processes give our clients the motivation and staying power they need to forge ahead

3) Your goals: moving beyond the risk with wisdom

  • In the B2B and B2C world, most business leaders know they should have clear and achievable goals. Our goal-setting tools help leaders define and implement compelling goals while systematically tracking them in order to achieve their end success and profitability
  •  You and your team will learn how to fulfill your personal goals through your business goals which creates an environment of high motivation and true productivity

4) Your rewards

  • Your sincere emotional, mental, physical and financial investment will be rewarded many times over through every aspect of your life
    —  Tangibles ~ greater financial freedom, measurable business  growth and profits, improved quality of life with more free time
    —  Intangibles ~ enhanced self-image and confidence, and sense of well-being, peace of mind with greater awareness and focus

Accountability: Evaluating Your Results

Business Results are what it is all about. And not just any results or some “imaginary result” on a spread sheet, but results that matter to you and your company and employees. Results that are based on your personal goals and needs.

So the only way to know if we are actually helping is by measuring the results based on how well we succeed with each of these five levels of strategic development:

  1. Active Participation:  We get business leaders and team members involved in the LMI process in a positive and responsible manner.
  2. Learning that Stays:  Each consulting or training session includes discussion, tracking of insights gained through questions,  review of current challenges as well as planning for the future evolution and improvement of the processes requiring change.
  3. Behavior & Attitudes Realignment:  When people keep the same behaviors they get the same results. When people change what they are doing and their associated attitudes, they get results that are more satisfying and more effective than in the past. The more this is practiced, the better chance of the change becoming a habit that will positively affect performance.
  4. Tangible Results You Can See and Measure:  We facilitate positive results relating to the goals of your “Win-Win Agreements” that are then tied to a variety of tracking and measurement systems to ensure that true and lasting results are being achieved.
  5. Your Return On Investment (ROI):  We help our clients quantify the Return on Investment (ROI), leading to clients for life!

Who We Help

We provide management consulting services to Northern Nevada and Northern California business owners, CEOs, practice managers, company supervisors as well as team leaders with a wide range of training, consulting and systems-based methodologies that give any business the tools and insights they need to super-charge, streamline or revitalize their organization.

We serve many business sectors providing a positive path to success

  • Professional service firms, attorneys, doctors, CPAs, etc.
  • Service industries such as contractors, marketing, landscape & janitorial services, banks, etc.
  • Retail and manufacturing
  • Public sector and community service organizations
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Start-ups

If this sounds like a system that could benefit your company, we would be happy to schedule a complimentary meeting to learn more about your challenges! Call 916-932-2090 today!