When the business must change hands

When you wish to go on vacation, or if one of your key people were to have a tragic accident, or if you decided to sell your business, do you have a succession plan completed and implemented within your organization?

Traditional leadership succession

Organizations require bench strength to run well and perform client services on time, to spec and within budget, leading to the profitability that is expected in successful companies. Bench strength means cross-training and development of all key personnel.  Hiring the right talent, developing them to understand and demonstrate personal and organizational leadership, is a necessity for any well run organization.

Business owner succession

The succession of the business owner, particularly in a family owned business with 2nd or 3rd generation family members taking the helm can be a highly charged and emotional situation.  After all, no one will be able to fill your shoes with the exact way you do things.  This raises concern about the ability of the younger generation to keep their commitment financially to outgoing senior family members as well their ability to keep the business running smoothly.

Whether your needs are for traditional leadership succession or fall into the category of business owner succession, we can help you clarify your options, prevent problems, reduce frustration and stress and strengthen the potential of a successful transition of your business.  A coordinated effort is very desirable to ensure best results.  We are committed to helping you with this challenging transition and syncing all the pieces to protect your business’s value and give you the retirement you have earned.

The team approach that scales to your needs

The approach we use brings together a scalable team of  knowledgeable professionals from a variety of disciplines who are dedicated to helping businesses and their owners implement a successful business succession. Throughout the process the focus is on the client’s retirement objectives and the needs of company management, employees, and outside advisors through the transition. Our approach is designed to maximize your company’s value, reduce the risks during the process, and deliver the desired outcomes.

Here is an overview of the services we offer for business succession processes:

  • Identifying the financial objectives for the family, and long-term financial needs
  • Working with the company’s decision-makers to frame the transition process
  • Developing and implementing leadership and strategic management practices to build company value
  • Coordinating and aligning the efforts of management, employees and advisors with the owners’ transition objectives
  • Creating a realistic timetable to achieve primary and secondary goals and milestones
  • Reducing risks during the transition process by planning for outcomes and potential obstacles

 Contact us to learn more about our detailed succession program that will protect your successful business transition and provide for the lasting legacy you you are working toward.