Organizational Needs Inventory

Think smart. Lead confidently. Build wisely. Get results.

The Executive Summary provides a graphic illustration of the “Gap” created by the difference between the “Actual” score and the “Ideal” score.

Companies positioned to survive – and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace maximize the strengths of their people. Because leaders of effective companies understand how layers of bureaucracy are non-productive and expensive, they encourage employee participation; they are supportive and build trust within their ranks. Empowering their people within their ranks. Empowering their people is how leaders build their companies and increase their prosperity.

Want to thrive in the future?

The Organizational Needs Inventory provides invaluable feedback to help you position your organization to thrive in the future Learn how your company’s organizational structure, culture, and leadership style measures up to the ideal. Find out how your employees perceive their jobs and their value within the company. Are they hearing one thing and experiencing something else?

Would they be more productive motivated differently? While they value support, are they experiencing a competitive culture?

The Organizational Needs Inventory helps you determine what your company is and what it can become.

Executive Summary

The strength of your company is found in your people. The Organizational Needs Inventory can help you effect productive change so that everyone in your company is motivated and is moving in the same direction.