Achieve a Better ROI

Development vs Training

We are different… and we mean different in a very good way. The difference is in how we look at how we can be of true and last value to you. We teach you how to “fish” rather putting you on a fancy boat and doing the fishing for you and then leaving you on the dock after the day is done with nothing more than a smile and a ‘thank you”.

In our consulting model, we charge affordable fees that allow you to gain tangible and trackable benefits that truly lead to increased profits, enhanced effectiveness, improved morale and a true ROI long before fees are increased to support your new and improved organization. We gain credibility and your trust by performing targeted services based on your actual needs, services that are designed to reduce stress and lead to improved profits.  We are helping our clients make money as opposed to making money at their expense.

In our development process, the investment is a onetime fee while the results are for a lifetime as long as you apply the skills revealed in each lesson.  The initial investment is one that most businesses find to be reasonably priced and the dividends more than sufficient to have clients wish to involve other members of their team to move to progressive levels of advancement.

Tangible real-world business benefits

In business, at the end of the day, you need to turn a profit, otherwise you will not be in business for long. In our proven development processes, we have taken many companies who have found themselves in a challenging financial situation (negative cash flow, extensive debt, back taxes and penalties, economic downturns) and moved them into a positive cash situation that will sustain a measured or even rapid growth goal.  And of course, if a company is already financially solvent, we can help their growth efforts with talent recruitment and acquisition, systems and processes expansion and internal management and team training, all designed to support growth goals and supporting the business owners in their personal pursuit of more enjoyable life with greater personal freedom and more personal security and resources.

Our process integrates the idea of “spaced repetition” for key concepts with multi-sensory learning tools, all integrated to in-depth goal setting and achievement processes that lead to positive attitude, behavior and habit changes as well as increased and sustainable motivation.  All possible because the training and consulting for the leadership and support staff reinforce the idea and understanding that they all can achieve their personal goals and personal job satisfaction through the pursuit and implementation of the companies goals.

ROI & Guarantee

Our consulting clients quickly see savings through better decisions, more proactive thinking, better client relations, increased understanding of effective employee, vendor and subcontractor relationships.  Just having someone else to talk to lightens the load and provides an outside perspective than is often lacking on internal teams. We are committed to working with you to help you get the results you want and need.  We promise.

Our development clients typically receive a 10 to 1 or greater return on investment (ROI).  Why?  The systems and processes have proven to yield these types of results with thousands of companies and thousands upon thousands of individuals that has been tracked over a 50 year period (Tracked through the LMI headquarters). The investment in a program or course is a onetime fee while the results will last a  lifetime as long as you apply the skills and processes revealed in each lesson.

We do “guarantee” results. But let’s be clear. We can only guarantee results if each participant applies what they have learned and follows the development process as presented to them.  For additional guarantees look at the individual program offerings.


Our service offerings yield increased focus on what matters most so that business leaders and their organizations get the results they want.  We sincerely hope that you and your business will be our next client. We help our clients quantify the ROI in monetary terms leading to clients for life!

If these techniques sound like they could benefit your company, we would be happy to schedule a complimentary meeting to learn more about your challenges!

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