Productive Leader Solution

Effective Personal Productivity

“The Personal Productivity Leadership Training gave me much food for thought about the importance of planning and how it will help me better achieve my goals.  I absolutely loved the sessions on style flexing.  Even though I have been in sales for many years, and have sat through hundreds of hours of training, I had never come across this strategy to easily connect with different personality types.  I’m on my way to increased business confidence and additional sales of $50,000.  Thank you!”

Julie Gallaher, Get On The Map

“The Effective Personal Productivity Program can be of great benefit to individuals and to companies. The program takes what seems like common sense concepts and presents them in a concise and comprehensive plan that if followed should increase everyone’s organizational and goal setting skills leading to greater productivity and fulfillment for the individual and for the organization.

It has been a privilege to be a part of my company’s participation in the program and see the results that have, and are continuing, to be realized as a result of the Effective Personal Productivity Program.”

Sue Watson, Office Manager, Forbes & Dunagan

“The Effective Personal Productivity Course is a great tool for extracting the most out of a busy day. The course teaches simple yet powerful techniques for maximizing my productivity as well as the productivity of my team.

I found the emphasis on high payoff activities to be especially valuable. By spending more time on tasks that produce the greatest return on my time, I’m able to enhance my professional standing while benefiting the company. And by utilizing the team empowerment techniques, we’re able to achieve better results and improve the team’s morale.

Thank you for guiding me through this process of personal development.”

Kevin Chappell, Supervisor, Forbes & Dunagan

“The lessons in “Effective Personal Productivity” by Paul J. Meyer are essential for anyone desiring to achieve success and personal satisfaction in their business and personal lives.

The Strategic Essentials team, lead by Valerie, did an excellent job of presenting and explaining the course materials. By learning the principles in the course, I have been able to increase my personal productivity and set clear goals that I am well on the way to accomplishing. I feel that I have been given the tools for success.

The only regret is that I did not take this course twenty years ago. I would encourage anybody that wants to improve their personal and business life to get started with this program now.”

David Spillers, President, Digiprint

Effective Leadership Development

Formerly Effective Supervisory Management

“I thank you for providing the Effective Leadership Development training at our company. The information provided has confirmed and opened my eyes to numerous items that occur on a daily basis in our company. The lessons covered have helped me become a more effective manager and leader by better understanding my role and the role of others within the company. I think that the entire company has benefited directly or indirectly from the lessons learned from your program. The improved time management and communication has helped us produce a higher quality more efficient product which not only benefits us, but also our clients.”

Chris Cox, P.E.

“The tools provided to our management team at Forbes & Dunagan, Inc. from completion of the Effective Leadership Development course through Strategic Essentials have enabled us to move forward with our company goal of completing our jobs on time and to specification.

Specifically, we better understand our role as leaders of our company and have the tools to continue our growth in this role. We have learned how to delegate responsibility to our team members effectively, learned decision making processes to make better more informed decisions, and have been provided with tools to develop and motivate the members of our organization.

The consulting provided to Forbes & Dunagan, Inc. by Strategic Essentials has been invaluable in our quest to create a company structure that will provide an environment where we can be successful as a company and individuals.

We are all “speaking the same language” in terms of planning, goal setting and communication. My productivity is off the charts due to my monthly and weekly planning. Most of our jobs are profitable now.”

Partners, Forbes & Dunagan

Make the Sale

Based on Effective Selling Strategies

“Make the Sale’ has allowed me to close an additional $50k in business in the 12 months since I took the course, which is over a whopping 1500% ROI!!!  I am enjoying managing the sales lifecycle and having fun solving the objections people throw out.  I have another $50K in the stalled category which I may never win but it has given me lots of practice attempting to go after it and confidence to move onto other prospects with similar needs.”

Cristina Mont-Kraus, President, DoConnect Systems, Inc

“Make the Sale” has given me the belief that I can sell! With my sister and business partner unable to continue as our VP of marketing and sales due to illness, I had to adjust my approach. The “Make the Sale” class taught me organizational skills to keep me on top of the everyday aspects of our business. The tools which were given in the class helped me track and evaluate the needs of the company quickly in order to move our company forward as if nothing has happened to my sister.

The confidence I gained from the “Make the Sale” class with the process of sales has also inspired my staff to be proactive in the success of our business; they too have the desire to sell. At the end of the eleven week class, we grew 20%. I attribute this growth to your interactive classroom style of teaching and follow-up support.  With this new gained knowledge and support we will succeed.

Thank you for your commitment to our excellence and your dedication to our success.”

Loretta Bonilla, Vice President, Front Office Staff Reno

“I would have paid double for the confidence Make the Sale has brought me.”

Judy DeLong, Owner, Real Deals

“Despite many glitches in technology pulled off a flawless presentation to an international technology firm, securing a client that many would love to call their own.”

“It was really a good class and I learned a lot. It kept me focused and accountable even when I didn’t really have time. I also appreciate the quality of the other people that you brought together for the class and your extra time and input in helping me to understand the sales process.”

“I am thinking and focusing more with a sales mindset. I now have the confidence and tools to lead my staff in the sales process!”

Nancy Olsen, VP of Business Development, M3Planning

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great sales course. I enjoyed it and know it’s going to help me make our business into the $10 million company I envision. Thanks for all your help and hard work!”

Alicia Lindsay Dietrich, Owner, Mac-o-rama

“Right before the beginning of this course I was struggling to make some critical decisions with the direction of my business and how to move it forward. With the sales training, I received in this class I have more confidence and understanding how I can use sales to move my business toward a successful realization. I also really appreciated the personal coaching I received which was invaluable in my decision-making processes.”

Susan McCarthy, MEP, Creative Estates Organizers

“Through the end of March sales are up 60% over last year. Plus advanced bookings through the summer indicate sales will be 34% over the same period last year. I don’t think this would have been possible without the “Make the Sale!” class which has allowed me to close more sales as well as effectively lead our sales team.”

Ken Stebbins, Partner, Camelot Party Rentals

“I now understand that “Sales” is not a dirty word, but when properly understood, one of the most important words for businesses. I now see Sales as something good and not as something to be avoided. I understand the value of true sales both to me and to my clients. I realized that sales actually allow me to help more people,  gain more friends and support my business and family. I think every business owner should take this class without hesitation, and the sooner the better!”

Blair O’Neil, Owner, Integris Marketing

“Strategic Essentials’ Make the Sale is the answer when it comes to sales knowledge! The personal attention I received is truly appreciated. Highly recommended.”

Jenna O’Neil, Owner, Integris Marketing