Mini Case Studies

Challenge: “I was running like crazy because some important systems had not been put in place and worried because we needed to make major changes to our vendor contract that would have a huge impact on our subcontractors as well as our company profitability.”

Results: “Strategic Essentials has not only told me what do, but how to make sweeping changes in my systems and accounting, freeing me up to take care of existing and future customers. Your business and marketing knowledge was instrumental in making the comprehensive changes needed to our vendor contract as well as the transition with our maids. You have helped us keep our hands on the plow and begin paying ourselves-all without pulling out our hair! Thank you, thank you, thank you . . .”

Amazing Maids, Inc, Susan Beckett, President

Challenge: “Even with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and many years of experience behind the chair, I lacked in supervisory skills. Many issues and dilemas concerning the overall management of our salon was overwhelming and therefore overlooked.”

Results: “Thank you for your flexibility and working with me one-on-one with LMI’s “Effective Supervisory Management” program. It has been a life saver. I am much more confident about how to handle numerous and sundry employee issues that come up as well as how to separate my personal feelings from the needs of the business. Cash flow is improving because I am managing better, I can feel the difference in my ability to pay down debt. I’m looking forward to your help in hiring, improving team communications, office systems and accounting. It’s great to have someone to talk to who understands the feelings and needs of the business owner.”

Aslan, A Salon, LLC, Tamara J. Schnarr, Salon Owner

Challenge: “It’s always been difficult for me to plan and organize both my time and my office. It became an enormous cause for concern because it was affecting not only my productivity and profitability, but also my self esteem.”

Results: “I’ve learned the tools to delve deeper into the behaviors I want to change and to better understand how to make those changes. Perhaps one of the most gratifying rewards I’ve seen from my participation in LMI’s Effective Personal Productivity training are the changes in many of my attitudes that are so critical to moving my life forward and enjoying the journey toward my personal and business dreams.”

Update Six Months Later: “I’ve had you on my mind lately, Valerie, and wanted to let you know that all of those great things you’ve been teaching me continue to bubble around in my head (like a glass of champagne as the songwriter would say). I don’t think I’ve ever been busier in work than I am now, even when I was working for others. It’s been very challenging, but incredibly exciting, and I thank you so much for preparing me to handle it all.”

Note: Deanna Heller’s sales are up 400% over the same period in the previous year.

Deanna Heller Consulting, Deanna Heller, Marketing Consultant

Challenge: “I am a sales consultant, but once my clients know me they ask for advice on many aspects of business. Frequently, they ask me about hiring, complaining about the problems they have finding the right people. I used to have a few words of advice and a few articles for them to read about hiring which I thought had good ideas.”

Results: “I had been talking to Valerie about the Achiever and decided to try it myself. Our company felt it was so valuable that we decided to use it when we hired a personal assistant. Using the Profile Evaluation System worked so well in the hiring process that I recommended it to the next client who asked me about hiring. With Valerie’s help, my client made two excellent hires and still thanks me for that on a regular basis.”

Update: “Our company continues to recommend use of theAchiever for hiring because it is the difference between getting the very best person for the job and filling the job.”

Alice Heiman, LLC, Alice R. Heiman, President

Challenge: “Even though I had previously owned my own company with a staff of 200 employees, I was feeling mired in a “go nowhere” employment situation. I had worked for a series of companies that were unprofessional. It was hurting my confidence and self-esteem. I knew I needed some tools to either improve my then current situation or find a new career.”

Results: Referring to “Effective Selling Strategies”(Make the Sale), Jo wrote, “Strategic Essentials has been instrumental in formulating my life’s path to success in all aspects. I am looking forward to my future and want to assure any potential graduates that this course is a real benefit. I have been singing your praises to anyone everywhere I go. I can’t thank you enough. I feel like a true professional.”

Update: Jo has changed positions and has an exciting new career with a truly professional company and is earning well over six figures.

Jo West, Inc., Jo West, President