Our Clients Say

Strategic Essentials’ process supplied the needed tools and methodology to implement significant improvements leading to improved communication between departments, increased productivity and over $500,000 to our bottom line.

Jim Breslin, General Manager, Model Dairy

“The Personal Productivity Leadership Training gave me much food for thought on planning and the importance of setting and achieving goals.  I absolutely loved the session on style flexing.  I’m on my way to increased business confidence and additional sales of $50,000.  Thank you!”

Julie Gallaher, Get On The Map

“I’ve been able to implement more ideas during your program than the previous 10 years.”

Derek Albee, Sales Manager, Model Dairy

“We not only beat our revenue goals during the Productivity Program, but were able to take the distributions that we had only dreamed of before working with Strategic Essentials.”

Partners, Access Passes

“I have never been more excited about the future of the company.  We have always had our goals, but now we are able to more clearly define the path we need to take and effectively measure the progress we have made.”

Allen Forbes, Partner, Forbes & Dunagan

“After Make the Sale, my first month’s commission was $600.  My second was $1,800 and my third was $4,500.  Every month since, I’ve done from $7000 to $9000 in addition to my salary.”

Paul Allen, President, Stretch Hanger

“I wanted to let you know that ’Make the Sale’ has allowed me to close an additional $50k in business in the 12 months since I took the course, which is over a whopping 1500% ROI!!!”

Cristina Mont-Kraus, President, DoConnect

“I am more optimistic and have been able to turn more theory into action in just a few short months.  We realized an extra $35,000 to the bottom line due to the extra focus and time management.”

Jerry VandeBurgt, President, LawnExpress

“I would gladly have paid double for the confidence that Make the Sale! has brought me.

Judy DeLong, Owner, RealDeal

“I took this program twice because I felt it was so important to my success!”

Alice Heiman, President, Alice Heiman, LLC

“Found 3 hours in my day…It’s unbelievable what I thought was a high priority versus what really is.”

Jeff Watkins, President, Custom Aire

“Learning about the different communication styles was fascinating and now I’m able to contour my message to be received more effectively by clients, team and family members alike.  This program is a must for everyone who wants to increase their sales.”

Shawn Hand, Business Development, Erlach Computer Consulting

“Goal setting and planning have made such a difference in my work day.  Now I find myself listening better, being more thorough and recommending additional items that can help the customer yielding increased sales.  This class will stay with me forever!”

Tari Grinde, CSR, Bergdahl Associates, Inc.

I am so appreciative of the wonderful time management strategies helping me to implement a referral program, track new patients and regular meetings. Learning about affirmations has been truly helpful.  I’m singing your praises to everyone!

Cindy Wallis, Bio-Integrative Health Center

I would like to bring you up to date on Maxine.  She is doing a great job in many areas.  Her sales are increasing, becoming more satisfactory, her effort and awareness of her goals and how to get there has increased tenfold!  I believe we have a great R.O.I., on our investment.  Good Job!

Jim Greider, LaBeeg Janitorial Services.