Paul J. Meyer

Paul J. Meyer became interested at an early age in the principles of personal development and professional excellence.  He applied what he had learned about success through goal setting to his chosen career of professional sales and became a millionaire by the age of twenty-seven.  He soon moved into sales management and began to teach success principles to the members of his organization.  As Meyer’s expertise empowered incredible numbers of individuals, requests for knowledge and instruction multiplied worldwide.

In 1960, Meyer founded a corporation dedicated to “motivating people to their full potential.”®  In 1966 LMI was founded to expand into working with companies to develop the leadership skills of people. This company has grown to international prominence.  It markets a comprehensive line of full-length programs and courses committed to helping people achieve their goals and enjoy greater success.  Produced in 23 languages with others now in preparation, these materials are marketed throughout the United States and in more than 60 countries around the world.

During the years in which the company has attained worldwide recognition, Meyer has received three doctorate degrees and a special citation from the Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership in Singapore.  Meyer has been quoted and featured by more than 200 authors in their own books and has received awards from more than 50 civic and business organizations all over the world.  Two books have been written about him – The Story of Paul J. Meyer, published in both English and Japanese, and Paul J. Meyer and the Art of Giving, which illustrates Meyer’s principles of success and significance in all areas of life.

Paul J. Meyer’s expertise has brought him worldwide renown and respect.  Honors and awards bestowed upon him are numerous; here are some of the commendations recognizing Meyer’s achievements:

  • International Man of the Year
  • 20th Century Award for Achievement
  • Most Admired Man of the Decade
  • World Lifetime Achievement Award
  • International Dictionary of Global Business Leaders
  • International Cultural Diploma of Honor
  • Personalities of America
  • Who’s Who Registry of Global Business Leaders
  • Hall of Fame for Investment Excellence
  • International Directory of Distinguished Leadership
  • Men of Achievement
  • International Who’s Who of Intellectuals
  • Men’s Inner Circle of Achievement
  • The Biographical Roll of Honor
  • Silver Shield of Valor
  • The International Order of Merit
  • Who’s Who in Finance and Industry
  • Dictionary of International Biography
  • Most Admired Men & Women of the Year
  • Distinguished Citizen Award, Boy Scouts of America
  • Golden Key National Honor Society
  • Life Fellow of the International Biographical Associates
  • Who’s Who Worldwide

Paul J. Meyer and his wife Jane live in Waco, Texas, the location of the international corporate headquarters.  The Meyer family – all have followed in Meyer’s example of achievement and success – includes three sons, two daughters, and several grandchildren.  As a family, the Meyers are principal owners of more than 40 corporations dealing in personal development, education, computer software, finance, real estate, printing, manufacturing, vinyl products, fiberglass, aviation, auto racing, legal insurance, and charities.   In all his business endeavors around the world, Meyer uses the principles he presents in his writings.

Commitment and drive for success in his hobbies match those Meyer exhibits in his business life.  He is an avid reader, and in sports he enjoys mountain climbing, hiking, snow skiing, cycling, scuba diving, and tennis.  His photography is masterful, and he enjoys collecting antique cars, specializing in 1936 Fords.  Meyer gives balanced attention not only to his hobbies but to personal growth in every area of his life.  His personality is marked by curiosity, innovativeness, decisiveness, and a consuming belief in the potential of every individual for success.

The heart of every Paul J. Meyer program is the Plan of Action for goals achievement, developed by Meyer through decades of research and testing.  Meyer’s programs and courses have produced sales unmatched by the works of any other living author in these fields of personal and professional excellence.  These materials have empowered countless individuals to greater achievement, fulfilling Paul J. Meyer’s vision of “motivating people to their full potential.”®

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.

Paul J. Meyer