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This Coaching Series is Rated #1 for a Reason…

We help you get the results you want and need!
You learn definite skills that help you succeed!

This coaching series, offered and presented by Strategic Essentials owner Valerie Cardenas and her success coaches, takes participants through a custom learning and coaching process, from beginning to advanced sales techniques.

“This is the only in-depth, customized and personal, results-oriented sales coaching series offered of it’s kind.  And it’s timely. Right now is when businesses need to proactively increase sales – not just to survive, but to thrive.”

~ Valerie Cardenas – Owner of Strategic Essentials

The skill of making the sale is one that can be learned by anyone with a willingness to try. “With skills, practice, and individual work, we lay the foundation of confidence, and what emerges is the realization that ‘sales’ is a high pay-off activity for any business,” says Cardenas. Because of her business background, she understands the challenges of selling while running a business; she also understands the critical need for business owners and their team to be able to sell in all economies.

Learn the Skills to “Make The Sale!”

The sales skills learned during the Make the Sale series are based on individual preferences and personalities, and clients build their styles through real-world application, using their own strengths to create personal sales techniques that will work for them in their businesses.

What’s more, the skills and techniques work in all economies and especially this economy because everybody needs to sell. “For many businesses, the aftermath of the great recession is a challenging sales environment they are continuously facing,” say Cardenas. “Many have told me that orders used to just come in the door. They never had to really sell or understand the sales process. So, for these business owners, what’s changed is that they need real sales skills.”

Make the Sale – Get the Results You Want

This coaching series moves beyond the traditional concepts of hard sell and close to the consultative sales approach, an innovative process focusing on targeting prospects, understanding their needs, finding solutions, and nurturing relationships.

Make the Sale focuses on those sales skills. It includes sessions focused on defining target markets, developing personal sales approaches, planning for and making sales calls, determining individual buying motives, closing sales, and everything that comes in between.

And even beyond the topics discussed here, it will give you the confidence you want to Make the Sale!

“’Make the Sale’ has allowed me to close an additional $50k in business in the 12 months since I took the course, which is over a whopping 1500% ROI!!!  I am enjoying managing the sales life cycle and having fun solving the objections people throw out.  I have another $50K in the stalled category which I may never win but it has given me lots of practice attempting to go after it and confidence to move onto other prospects with similar needs.”

Cristina Mont-KrausPresident, DoConnect Systems, Inc

“My boss told me that I should be selling by the third month even though I had to teach myself the business. I went from mine to mine listening to your CD’s, building rapport with the superintendents and foremen and trying to learn the coal mining business with absolutely no previous knowledge. My first month pay check was a little over $600 in commission plus my salary of $45,000 a year. I told myself I would double that the next month. My second month was $1,800 in commission and my third was $4,500. Every month since I’ve done from $7,000 to $9,000 up until April.”

  Paul Allen, Former President, Stretch Hanger

I’m READY to learn how to

“Sell” without “selling”

Get more and better results – FAST

Be as comfortable helping more clients to say “yes”
as you are with your other natural skills

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