We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many clients that we have served over the years with special thanks to those who have made the time to write such enthusiastic letters.

Thank you for all you have done to help with Amazing Maids. Your services have aided us immeasurably.  Before you began to consult with Amazing Maids, the stress was incredible because we lacked some important systems and needed to make a number of major revisions on our contracts.  We didn’t know where to begin—but you did.  You have guided Amazing Maids Referral Agency to:

  • Understand and improve business systems and communications with clients, maids and vendors alike.
  • Revise our contract with our maids in consultation with our contract attorney and ensure a smooth transition with the maids.
  • Recognize why our pricing structure was not working, leading to improved rate splits between the Maids and Amazing Maids as well as strategies for pricing our high quality services in the Northern Nevada market.
  • Greatly free up my time and reduce costs by switching the Maids from daily to weekly payments and to do so through direct deposit.
  • Switch Amazing Maids to a more efficient accounting system which has made a huge difference in my time.
  • Facilitate the further development of Amazing Maids as well as another new business, logistics, logistics, logistics . . .

Thank you Valerie for all that you have done to promote, solidify, train, run and encourage us to continue.  You have helped us keep our hands on the plow and begin paying ourselves—all without pulling out our hair!  Thank you, thank you, thank you . . .

Susan Beckett, President, Amazing Maids Referral Agency, Inc.

I hope this email finds you in good spirits and enjoying the start of the holiday season.  I am enjoying mine which has produced low stress levels by intention so far.

I wanted to let you know that ’Make the Sale’ has allowed me to close an additional $50k in business in the 12 months since I took the course, which is over a whopping 1500% ROI!!!  I am enjoying managing the sales lifecycle and having fun solving the objections people throw out.  I have another $50K in the stalled category which I may never win but it has given me lots of practice attempting to go after it and confidence to move onto other prospects with similar needs.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a BIG thank you for assisting me build upon my goals for success!

Kind regards,
Cristina Mont-Kraus, President, DoConnect Systems, Inc

I want to take a few minutes to thank you for the time you have spent helping me to become a better sales person and business owner.

Your class “Make the Sale” has given me the belief that I can sell! With my sister and business partner unable to continue as our VP of marketing and sales due to illness, I had to adjust my approach. The “Make the Sale” class taught me organizational skills to keep me on top of the everyday aspects of our business. The tools which were given in the class helped me track and evaluate the needs of the company quickly in order to move our company forward as if nothing has happened to my sister.

The confidence I gained from the “Make the Sale” class with the process of sales has also inspired my staff to be proactive in the success of our business; they too have the desire to sell. At the end of the eleven week class, we grew 20%. I attribute this growth to yours and Alice’s classroom interactive style of teaching and follow-up support.  With this new gained knowledge and support we will succeed.

Thank you for, your commitment to our excellence and your dedication to our success.

Loretta, Partner, Front Office Staff

I wanted to write and thank you for the fantastic learning opportunity I received in your “Make the Sale!” program. The personal one-on-one help, the in-depth materials, the homework and exercises and even the class interaction, made for the best and most influential business training course I have ever taken.

The experience was truly transformational both for me personally, and my marketing and design business.  The course addressed both my fears and misunderstandings about the sales process and gave me the tools to move forward with clarity, confidence and professionalism.

With all the individual course elements that I found to be so valuable, one stands out as the “ah-ha” moment.  It was the “Communication Styles” workshop we did. It was with this module that the proverbial “light bulb” went off and I saw why so many of my previous sales efforts had faltered or failed entirely.

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible and vast knowledge of the sales process.

It truly was a wonderful journey and the knowledge and skills have been a profitable and much-needed addition to my business. Without any hesitation, I would recommend this course to any business owner!

Blair O’Neil, Co-Owner Integris Marketing

I would like to take this time to say thank you for a job well done. And I mean that whole heartedly.

Anybody that can get through this thick skull is doing their job well, and you have succeeded in doing that. I have become aware of so many things.

I was very skeptical in the beginning, about wasting my time to take your course, and now I realize I wish I had taken it 30 years ago.  I have learned things in this course to take me through the rest of my life.

As Paul Meyer said, “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, & enthusiastically act upon…must inevitably come to pass!” A thousand dreams have come and gone in my life that did not come to pass, because I did not have the tools to make them come true.  You have given me those tools and shown me how to make those dreams come true.  For that I and my company thank you.

This course should be a required subject for every graduating high school student.

Personal productivity means productivity in every factor of one’s life.  In setting goals, and acting upon them in the last 8 weeks I have already accomplished more than I would have on my own in the next year.

Again thank you very much.

Judy Murphy, Bergdahl Associates, Inc.

It is with great pleasure to offer testimony commending the “Effective Personal Productivity” workshop offered by Strategic Essentials, Inc. in which I have been participating. Not only have the sessions been a positive influence on an individual level, but they have made a great impact on Model Dairy as a company as well.

When the Strategic Essentials team initially approached me regarding participating in the program, I was hesitant in embracing the concept.  My thoughts were “I am too busy”, “Am I able to commit to the schedule?”, and “Do I really need this training?”  However, as one reads further, the many beneficial aspects suddenly become apparent.

For a business to remain successful, it must move forward.  A clear plan to do so is not always in place.  Developing such fundamental skills as planning, goal setting, team work, and communication would be a way to proactively achieve that process.  Clearly I was being presented an opportunity that would enable Model Dairy and its management team to advance to the next level.  To assure continuity should I be called away on business, I decided to enroll my general sales manager, Derek Allbee, along with me.

After attending one class we were sold that this was the right vehicle to get us started in the direction we needed to move.  So impressed were we that I concluded that all Model Dairy departmental managers take the course.  There has been so much enthusiasm within every department, which I attribute to the firm’s goal setting concept.  The direct results have fostered an environment of improved teamwork interaction and have forged unison of efforts to add to bottom line dollars to our organization.

The professionalism of the Strategic Essentials, Inc. Development Team displayed during my management team’s transition is truly an asset to the “blueprint for success” concept of their organization.  I would be unhesitant in recommending this course to an organization – or individual – wishing to attain a higher level of marketability.  Questions regarding this course may be directed to me at (775) 788-7900.

Jim Breslin, General Manager, Model Dairy

Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I’m actually glad it did. I’ve had some incredible sales in the past 30 days that I’ll tell you about. I got my job at the beginning of August. Thanks to my cousin, I had six different companies to choose from. He told me the company he thought was my best opportunity and I took it. I decided if I was going to take it I was going to forget all the other offers and attack.

My job is to go to 10 different coal mines and find out what kind of machinery they needed or what machinery we could rebuild for them. When I started I was sent out with two different salesmen for two days each who sold underground labor and that had nothing to do with what I was selling. The introductions were helpful but not much more. So the next I was thrown to the wolves and I mean wolves. They are big, ugly and mean as hell but after 6 or 8 visits they started to respect the fact that I wasn’t going to quit until I sold them something they needed. Then convince them that my company would build it better than the companies they’ve been using for the past 25 years.

My boss told me that I should be selling by the third month even though I had to teach myself the business. I went from mine to mine listening to your CD’s, building rapport with the superintendents and foremen and trying to learn the coal mining business with absolutely no previous knowledge. My first month pay check was a little over $600 in commission plus my salary of $45,000 a year. I told myself I would double that the next month. My second month was $1800 in commission and my third was $4500. Every month since I’ve done from $7000 to $9000 up until April.

I also designed three different products that are now mandatory in the coal mines in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The first two weeks of April I’ve sold over $350,000 with over $200,000 to close by the end of the month.

The other three salesmen that sell the same things I sell, are upset because there’s no room in the fab shops for their projects They average around $1500 a month in commissions. All three fabrication shops are full of my project and enough work for 3 to 4 months. I am as persistent about them finishing my projects as I am with the mines about buying what I’m selling. Some like it and some don’t. Oh well.

When my week starts out slow I plug in your CD’s and good things begin to happen. I hope you don’t think I’m bragging but the best part of this job is I work four days a week about 4 to 5 hours a day. That gives me time to pursue my new passion. I am getting people and companies to donate money to three orphanages in the county I live in. I’m getting voted onto the Board of Directors to see and help decide where to spend the donations. I’m lovin every minute of it.

Thanks for putting me on your email list. Your philosophy reminds me of what needs to be done at work and in life. I also want to thank you for the education and the direction I learned in your classroom. You have a very unique way of convincing your students that your way is the right way and you were right. I hope all is well with you and say hi to your staff.

Paul Allen, President, Stretch Hanger