Focus On What Matters

Focused on the problem?

You may be missing the solution!

Are you doing “Fire Prevention” or “Fire Suppression”? It has occurred to us that many businesses seem to be metaphorically driving Fire Trucks as opposed to company vehicles. Why? Because they are continually focused on putting out the proverbial “fires” all the time. Simply put, they are in reactive mode rather than a planning and proactive mode.

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

It’s common knowledge that many problems are a result of poor planning or a failure to consider the obstacles of any chosen direction. After all, how many of us were taught to plan for both the “superior outcome” as well as the unplanned “fiasco,” which very often derails our best efforts by catching us totally unprepared.

By thinking about, and “bringing the potential problem” to the front of our planning process, we can dramatically reduce the future challenges we will meet and thereby reduce their impact on the achievement of our goals.

Staying focused on what matters most is always key

It’s good to be positive. In fact we might even say critical. But “positive” is a rather subjective statement and what is positive for one person may not be positive for another. Fortunately for small to medium-sized business owners, there are several key “positive” considerations that affect the profitability, efficiency and success of any business.

Looking forward while staying in control of today

Do you find that you are always in catch-up mode or fixing more problems that moving forward with your plans? This is where the idea of focusing on what matters comes in to play and where we can really assist you by helping you keep your eye on the ball.

Take a look at the chart below and consider if you might have any room for improvement in your business model.

The Challenge Our Solution
Constant “Fire Fighting” Planning for Challenges
Lack of Accountability “Tell Me About It” Coaching
Ineffective Leadership Leadership Development
Lack of Teamwork Effective Team Building & Communication
Low Motivation & Morale High Morale Due to Goals-Based Achievement
Stress/Burnout/Frustration Effective Leadership & Delegation
Rapid Unplanned Growth Strategic Rapid Growth
High Turnover Proven Talent Selection & Retention
Disorganization Effective Personal Productivity
Anxiety about Sales Results Oriented Sales Training
Customer Complaints Proactive Client Communication
Difficulty with Vendors Vendor Agreements & Evaluations
Cash Flow Problems Forward Looking Cash Management
Desire to Exit Company Business Succession Planning

Get The Results You Desire By Focusing On What Matters