Results Management: The Critical Success Factor

The most well-designed plan and strategy is only as good as the implementation.
Failure in strategic planning is usually the result of ineffective results management.

Effective organizations measure specific, daily results that are tied directly to the plan and strategy.

Small to mid-sized organizations will find the full implementation of the LMI Process and development of themselves and their staffs to be quite effective  in tracking and managing their results.  Larger organizations generally are using some type of results management software for their goals which we can facilitate or coach to.  Additionally, monthly results management meetings help businesses hold staff accountable to achievement of company goals and provide opportunity for adjusting goals to present and future needs.

The overall plan and strategy become the benchmark for daily operations and long-term vision.

With a simple but comprehensive results management system, daily action steps become a strong motivational force.

Performance measured is performance improved.

– Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Leadership Management®, Inc.

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