Business Consulting

A core component of Strategic Essentials is the customized business consulting services we offer that are designed specifically for the small and mid-sized business owner.

With years of experience of successful business ownership under our belts, plus years of development and training in the Leadership Management programs/courses, we are able to combine real-world business experience with powerful assessment capability, as well as the tools to empower the small and mid-size business through ongoing growth and education in every aspect of business.

Below are a few of the ways we partner with our clients that are supplemental services to our other business offerings:

  • Communication for increased understanding & results with clients, vendors & staff
  • Owner, partner & leadership role definition & relations
  • Hiring process (recruit, select, hire recommendations & orientation)
  • Assessments for team & leadership formation, improved communication, etc.
  • Desk audits-systems & procedures improvement
  • Process implementation & sequencing
  • Employee retention, turnover assessment & reduction
  • Employee motivation & compensation
  • Career transitions to a more suitable fit
  • Training for administrative & financial functions (including QuickBooks)
  • Cash flow and management services
  • Vendor contract assessment and recommendations
  • Working successfully with independent contractors
  • Sales & marketing Strategies
  • Succession planning, exit & business sale strategies
  • Comprehensive planning and goals achievement
  • Other projects and services upon request

Remember, our initial business consultation is complimentary, as is the free small business information gift we will give you. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your interest in making your business as successful as possible and will help us understand your situation and needs in greater detail.

For more information about our consulting services for small to mid-size business development and training programs…

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To your evolving and growing business success!