Executive Showcases™

Many of Strategic Essentials, Inc.’s clientele begin their engagement with us through our Executive Showcase™ which is designed to bring business leaders and their key people together to brainstorm concepts that can immediately be put into practical application.

Enrollment is recommended for up to three members of your organization’s leadership.  From this experience you can make an informed decision as to the benefits of this process for your entire organization.

Organizations improve when people make effective changes.  The LMI Process™ focuses on people . . . their values, self-esteem, confidence levels, leadership beliefs and motivation.  This proven process of positive behavior change can be measured and results are guaranteed.    Through participation in our Executive Showcase™ you can:

  • Personally experience the LMI Process™
  • Demonstrate measurable and guaranteed results
  • Confirm future benefits for the entire organization

Please call 916-932-2090 or 775-826-8282 for your free consultation to determine if our Executive Showcase™ experience is a fit for you.  Learn for yourself what thousands of people in organizations around the world have experienced . . . the unique and proven LMI Process™