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Upcoming BizTalk Blender™ Dates

A Powerhouse of Business Networking… Make sure you attend one of these powerful networking events put on by my business associate Alice Heiman, and be sure to tell her I sent you!

For more information, to watch a introductory video or to sign up for the next gathering…
Visit the BizTalk Blender™ page on Alice Heiman’s web site >

Here is what Alice has to say about her event:

“Tired of networking events that waste time & money because they lack results? BizTalk Blender will achieve the results people have been looking for.

Designed by Alice Heiman, this unique networking program ensures that even the shyest participants can make numerous business connections. As a sales expert and business communication instructor, Heiman wanted to develop a way for business professionals to make more connections at networking events. BizTalk Blender runs itself. Open the box, follow the instructions and run the most effective networking event your organization has ever had.  No more coffee clotches of old friends that look unbreachable to new comers.  No more wallflowers standing in the corner wishing they had someone to talk to. Take the focus off the food and put it on the networking where you and your members will have the greatest benefit.

BizTalk Blender is perfect for Networking Groups, Chambers of Commerce,  Leads Groups, Service Organization, or companies with over 50 employees. If you think your organization could benefit from better networking within your organization, BizTalk Blender is the solution you are looking for.

Visit the BizTalk Blender™ page on Alice Heiman’s web site for more information and to sign up for the next gathering >