Contributed by Edwin Kingen, Frontier Business Edge

Video conferencing is still up and coming and not quite everyone is using it. But why not? With the introduction of cloud subscription services the cost of video conferencing has gone down dramatically, making it a cost-effective solution for all businesses. There are a great number of benefits yet to be discovered for using video in your business.  For additional information or a free video trail contact me for details.  

  1. Cost Savings

Think about how much your company spends on travel costs each year. How many employees do you have that work on the go, traveling, making sales, connecting with your customers? Now imagine how much you could save if you could just have them connect via video.

  1. Collaboration

You can still get that face-to-face interaction with your coworkers with video conferencing in meetings. It brings those facial expressions to life and makes it easier to collaborate with a team of people.

  1. Time Savings

Instead of postponing meeting after meeting due to peoples’ schedules, travel delays, conference room mix ups, you could just have the meeting with a few quick clicks.

  1. Convenience

Along with travel convenience, video conferencing lets you conference in other people just like a phone call. Need to get that other key team member on the line? No problem.

  1. Productivity

Employees who telecommute the majority of the work week are more satisfied with their jobs compared to those working mostly in the office because working remotely alleviates more stress than it creates.” Less time spent on the road means more time spent doing work. When you have happy employees, you have productive employees.

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