Model Dairy Case Study

C.W. Brooks founded Model Dairy in 1906 with a nucleus of 20 Holstein-Frisian cows. The dairy was purchased by Tom and Jim Bahan in 1976 who sold the dairy to Suiza Foods in 1996. Suiza purchased Dean Foods in 2002 and merged the two companies into what now is known as the New Dean Foods. Model Dairy currently employs 175 people, 130 of whom produce, package, load and deliver nearly all of the dairy’s products. Other departments include administration, merchandising, marketing, and sales. Model Dairy enjoys over 100 years of giving back to the community.

The Challenges

  • Departmental goal setting
  •  Measuring and achieving departmental goals
  •  Product quality – moving from great to excellent
  •  Customer service and increased sales
  •  Profitability

The LMI Process

Strategic Essentials, Inc. introduced the LMI Strategic Development Process to Model Dairy’s General Manager, Jim Breslin and General Sales Manager, Derek Allbee through its Executive Showcase. Within several weeks of participation in the Effective Personal Productivity (EPP) program, the decision was made for the remaining key managers to begin the process as well. Results have been so strong within Model Dairy’s leadership team that Strategic Essentials, Inc. was asked to work with Model Dairy’s Sales Team. The course materials being utilized are Effective Selling Strategies.

The Results

  • The plant was able to identify several areas of cost reduction as well as filler speed increases which have resulted in $219,302 savings annually.
  •  The distribution department, through route consolidation and the development of a freight route division, has brought $180,354 savings and revenue annually.
  •  The sales department efforts in identifying cost reductions and margin improvements has resulted in $132,000 annual contribution.
  •  By Lesson Four of the EPP, average management time redirected toward high payoff activities was over 60 minutes per day per manager.

Client Feedback

“The Strategic Essentials’ process supplied the needed tools and methodology to implement significant improvements leading to improved communication between departments, increased productivity and very real bottom-line results.”

Jim Breslin, General Manager, Model Dairy

“I’ve been able to implement more ideas during your program than the previous 10 years.”

Derek Allbee, Sales Manager, Model Dairy