Committing to Organizational Goals

Goal setting is the most powerful tool at your disposal in the development of your organization. Used effectively, goal setting principles can greatly enhance your skill as an effective motivational leader. Throughout history strong leaders and organizations, armed with specific goals and the force of commitment, have shaped the destinies of millions. You and your organization can leave an imprint on the lives of others by setting worthwhile goals and committing to their achievement. 

Successful leaders refuse to sit by passively and leave their future to chance or to the choices of others. Effective leaders dare to make their own decisions and to direct their organization toward success. Goals create the confidence that comes from knowing where you and your team are going and how you intend to get there. Goals provide a sense of direction to keep your organization focused on what is important; they serve as a filter to eliminate extraneous demands. Goals bring to life a sense of order and purpose that sustains desire and motivation over a long period of time.

 Commit to Organizational Goals

An organizational goals program begins with taking time to dream. Aspirations to become bigger and better, to produce more and achieve higher aims form a magnificent gateway to the future of your organization. All of us were born with unlimited capacity to dream and to see ourselves accomplishing great deeds. Similarly, we possess that same capacity to believe in a better, brighter future for the team and the organization as well. Some investment of your personal time is required to identify meaningful areas for improvement, to make some changes in organizational attitudes and structures, and to reach team and organizational goals. But the rewards are worth the effort! As you build a goals program to attain your dreams and desires and the dreams and desires of your team members, make these four commitments that will ensure success:

  1. A commitment to be completely honest with yourself and others. Success in a goals program demands full honesty with yourself and with the other members of your organization. Do not hide from unpleasant or disappointing truths. After all, when you begin a journey, you must know the starting point. Together, you and your team members must determine where you currently are in the development of your organization. The point of development you have reached now is just that – a point of growth, a stepping stone toward future improvement.
  2. A commitment to set realistically high goals. Set challenging goals that force you and your team members to stretch. High goals require courage. They also carry an element of risk – the possibility of failure. On the other hand, low goals exert a low motivational impact and result in mediocre progress. Your commitment to setting high goals increases the probability of outstanding success.
  3. A commitment to exercise determination in executing your plans. Back up your plans with action! You and your team members must be determined to overcome obstacles, circumstances, and criticism. Commit yourself to perseverance. Your commitment enables you and your organization to turn your dreams into reality regardless of circumstances.
  4. A commitment to believe that your goals will be reached. Belief is an indispensable companion to effective action. When you and your team members believe in yourselves, in your goals, and in your ability to achieve them, you are ready to take the required action steps. Belief can be generated and developed. It is supported by experience as you take action and begin to experience success in reaching organizational goals. Each goal you achieve increases your conviction that you can reach other goals.

 These four commitments help sustain your leadership efforts, build emotional involvement in team members, and breathe vitality into your organizational goals program.

Leadership Management Institute
Reprinted with permission


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