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By assessing applicants and yourself, your leadership team as well as current employees on The Achiever, Sales Achiever or Executive Achiever, employers are able to identify an individual’s true talents, match to their manager, objectively compare candidates, generate questions for interviewing, develop specific training and development programs, and give insight to beneficial managing techniques.

Since the behavioral output of an individual is related to both cognitive and various important behavior traits, an assessment is then best used rather than a test to project the behavior of an individual.

We recommend the Achiever, Sales Achiever or Executive Achiever since these instruments are assessments. They are related to the job by benchmarks and encompass both the important Cognitive and Behavioral testing to properly establish pre and post hire job fit and development needs.

The Achiever advantage:
  • Tested and proven with close to 50 years of continuous use and refinement
  • Effective nationwide at some of American’s largest corporations as well as companies with just a few employees
  • Meets EEOC guidelines and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Measures 6 mental aptitudes including learning speed which is considered today to be a top priority in today’s learning environment
  • Measures 10 personality characteristics and aptitudes relating to successful job performance
  • Includes 2 validity scales

The Achiever is a brilliant solution to finding, training, and motivating the right people for the right jobs.

“Every time we overrule the Profile . . .every time we say ‘no this can’t be true . . . we’re wrong and it ends up costing us money.” Executive VP

“I would estimate that the Profile results were 99% accurate.  I feel that I can improve my job effectiveness by 20% if I use the results to capitalize on my strengths and improve in the areas that I would like to improve on.” Engineer

Achiever Report Features Achiever Sales Achiever Executive Achiever
 Position Benchmark  X  X  X
 Norm Suitability  X  X  X
 Predictive Index for Success  X  X  X
 Scoreboard – Mental, Personality & Distortion  X  X  X
 Leadership Development Needs  X  X  X
 Sales Development Needs  X  X  X
 Development Affirmations  X  X  X
 Development Recommendations  X  X  X
 Personal Development Plan  X  X  X
 Sales Language, Ego & Closing  X
 Management Principles Knowledge Scoreboard  X
 16 Leadership Competencies Scoreboard  X

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