Post-Hire Achiever Applications

Sound familiar?   Have you ever wondered why someone who’s intelligent can’t seem to follow instructions?

With the Achiever, you’ll learn how each individual processes data so you can better communicate and train each one.  Have you ever promoted a good worker to a managerial position only to learn that person didn’t have the necessary skills or knowledge?  Have you ever become frustrated because you couldn’t get someone motivated?

  • Which Candidate is the best choice for a transfer or promotion?
  • How to focus training and managing an employee to success in the quickest, most effective manner.

Since leadership always starts are the top, we recommend that business owners and their management teams take the appropriate Achiever for an objective understanding of their leadership talent and challenges as well as their development recommendations. From there, you can move on to assessing current and future team members.

The Achiever takes the guess work out of development needs, how best to communicate, promote, motivate and so much more!

Achiever Report Post-Hire Benefits Achiever Sales Achiever Executive Achiever
 All Applicable Pre-Hire Benefits  X  X  X
 Objective Development Plans  X  X  X
 Natural Leadership Ability X  X  X
 Natural Sales Ability  X  X  X
 Management Competencies X
 Leadership Technique Knowledge  X
Sales Language  X
 Determine Fit for Transfer / Promotion  X  X  X
 Beneficial management techniques  X  X  X
 Can Use In Succession Planning   X   X   X

Note: For legal compliance, the assessment may count up to one-third (1/3) of your decision making process for transfers and promotion in addition to work history, etc. All terminations must be based on performance or reasons other than Achiever results

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