Achiever Premium Post-hire Coaching Details

Our goal is to coach you to achieve your goals.

Here are a few more specifics and benefits to be gained through this 90 day coaching package:

ACHIEVER PREMIUM Post-hire Coaching Features & BenefitsA. Post-hire
B. Post-hire
Post-Hire Assist Coaching Hours (over 3 months)9
Post-hire Multi- Assist Coaching /Consulting Hours (over 3 months)18
Achiever or Sales Achiever Reports22
Assess yourself for match to direct reportXX
Assess one direct report for match to responsibilities and company cultureXX
Learn about your leadership, sales and communication stylesXX
Utilize Development Suggestions and Plan of Action
Become enlightened about how your style interacts with your direct report and other staffXX
Improve your communication & leadership skillsXX
Benefit of coaching and consulting sessionsX
Win-Win Agreement to include your challenges, goals and methods to track results
Coached on sustainable approaches to leadership developmentXX
Exposed to effective methods to assess & retain talent
Exposed to effective methods for motivational climate, leadership development & improved results
Emphasis on exposure to concepts, forming new habits and beginning implementationX
Emphasis implementation of superior concepts, techniques and effective processX
Learn and implement effective methods to assess and retain talent
Begin to create a motivational culture that yields the results you want
Client loyalty program availability based on volume5 - 10%5 - 10%
Predictive success indexXX
Leadership and sales abilitiesXX
Needs assessmentXX
Development suggestionsXX
Development plan of actionXX
6 Mental AptitudesXX
10 Personality DimensionsXX
2 Distortion ScalesXX


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