Development: Unlocking Potential

Locked behind the ingrained habits and attitudes of people lie vast reserves of unused potential for any organization.  Unlocking unused potential is the purpose of a development process.  Knowledge-based training has little influence in changing behaviors that have been developed over years of conditioning.

Every organization experiences gaps between performance and potential . . . “what is” versus “what could be”.  Effective organizations continuously seek to narrow those gaps.

Research shows that the average organization uses only a small percentage of its existing potential.  What would be the result of an additional 10% increase in the use of the unused potential of your organization?

The multiplying effect of small increases in the use of potential can deliver significant overall results.  This process is effective in both individual and organizational development.

An organization can transform its results by simply developing 10% of the unused potential of its people.

A continuous development process builds a results-based leadership culture, effective managers, and enhanced productivity.

Development is always a process, never an event.

Leadership Management, Inc.