The Power of Infographics

Guest Contributor Wallrich Creative Communications
Branding, Advertising & Marketing Specialists

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, an infographic—a visualization designed to present quantitative information—can be just as revealing.

Given the explosion of raw data available on the Internet, it’s not surprising that infographics are an increasingly popular way to display it, but they are hardly new. One of the most famous examples of infographics is Charles Minard’s 1869 masterpiece depicting Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia.

In June 1812, Napoleon’s massive army, roughly half a million strong, began its march to Moscow, but for many reasons (bad roads, bad water, Typhus-ridden lice and a Russian policy of scorched-earth retreat) only a fourth or so of the sick and weary invaders reached the capital—only to find it abandoned and destroyed by fire. With no choice but to march back home through the Russian winter, the fate of the remaining troops was even more perilous.

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