Front Office Staff

Dear Valerie,

I want to take a few minutes to thank you for the time you have spent helping me to become a better sales person and business owner.

Your class “Make the Sale” has given me the belief that I can sell! With my sister and business partner unable to continue as our VP of marketing and sales due to illness, I had to adjust my approach. The “Make the Sale” class taught me organizational skills to keep me on top of the everyday aspects of our business. The tools which were given in the class helped me track and evaluate the needs of the company quickly in order to move our company forward as if nothing has happened to my sister.

The confidence I gained from the “Make the Sale” class with the process of sales has also inspired my staff to be proactive in the success of our business; they too have the desire to sell. At the end of the eleven week class, we grew 20%. I attribute this growth to yours and Alice’s classroom interactive style of teaching and follow-up support.  With this new gained knowledge and support we will succeed.

Thank you for, your commitment to our excellence and your dedication to our success.



Front Office Staff

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