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ReTrain Brain

Stop thinking next month… next quarter or next year will be different.
Don’t wait for success. Take control and achieve it.

“For every minute you spend planning…you can save 4 to 10 times that amount of time in execution.”
– Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Leadership Management®, International

You’ll receive 9 live interactive learning experiences lead by a certified coach
using proprietary techniques proven to maximize
your tangible and immediate results.

These 9 short sessions will help you retain the skills learned,
have the accountability you desire to reinforce new habits and get better results!


See Topics & Schedule Below:

Success Pre-Meeting – We will contact you before coaching series begins.

Sessions will be Thursdays at 9:00 AM PST

1 — What’s Imperative Now (WIN) — July 14, 2016

2 – Is Arson Ruining Your Day? — July 21, 2016

3 – The Fire Prevention Plan  — July 28, 2016

4 – Being Productive With Your Tyme  — August 04, 2016

5 – Delivering High Payoff Results — August 11, 2016

6 – Focus Your Business and Your Life  — August 16, 2016

Vacation Break

7 – Details For Slight Edge Thinking — September 8, 2016 

8 – Don’t Be a Bottleneck – Communicate & Delegate — September 15, 2016 

9 – Fulfill Your Dreams — September 22, 2016

Notes:  You will have

The ability to receive training and coaching remotely. Interactive live learning in real-time designed so you can easily
follow along, interact, and participate during the coaching sessions from anywhere in the world.

Access to recorded sessions after each coaching session. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session
since you’ll have everything available through playback.



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