Identifying the Best Candidate

By Valerie G. Cardenas

Choosing one candidate out of five for a position can be overwhelming, let alone one candidate out of fifty. Where does an employer begin to differentiate between candidates? I’ve heard an array of different responses including: referrals, instincts, a better resume, or great interviewing skills. It is true these provide useful information about a candidate, however none of these use objectivity. Selecting the right individual for a position entails understanding more than what a first encounter allows and acknowledging that personality testing alone does not give the cognitive abilities of a candidate.

A key solution to hiring the right person is knowing both personality traits and mental aptitudes. The combination of these two provides a great insight to how well a candidate will perform in a given position. Enter The Achiever: a proven assessment used to separate “A” performers from “C” performers (a difference of at least 50% productivity).

It is not an understatement to say that hiring or promoting the wrong person can cost a company thousands of dollars in time, training, and lost opportunities.

Placing an individual in the most productive environment for their potential is in the best interest of the company. Let’s say that you have a candidate that is very personable and punctual, but is not self motivated or has a slower learning speed. This may suggest that an outside sales position is not in the best interest for the candidate or company.  Finding this out prior to hiring or promoting the individual is ideal, correct?

The Achiever measures an individual’s potential and identifies their true talents and best placement for their skills. It measures six mental aptitudes, ten personality traits, and two validity scales, and then delivers specific conclusions.  The Achiever provides the following benefits:

  • Determines the fit of candidates for a particular position
  • Provides insight for the employer with how to engage employees
  • Provides objective analysis
  • Identifies improvement areas
  • Describes their personality traits and mental aptitudes
  • Enhances team building

The results are formed from Benchmarking, which provides a range of scores required for successful performance of a particular job. The reliability of this assessment is unrivaled, which is the reason I have depended on it for myself and my clients. It identifies the best candidate for administrative, sales, management positions, etc. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to a business’ success to understand the potential and the areas for improvement of its employees.

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