Examine Your Leadership

Every leader’s job is unique. It differs from comparable positions in other organizations and from every other job in a particular work environment. Even the titles given to leaders vary widely. But these positions have one important common denominator: They all depend upon the basic need to work with and through other people. Leaders who work most effectively with and through other people produce the most outstanding results.

Most leaders are concerned about two types of results: Their own personal success and success of the organization. Although the two areas may seem distinct, in a practical sense they cannot be separated. The purpose of a leader is to achieve results through the activities of other people. Those “other people” together with the leader make up the team or organization. If this group of individuals fails, the leader shares in that fate. If the leader fails, the organization’s goals are not achieved. On the other hand, when the leader succeeds, the organization benefits directly; and when the team reaches its goals, the leader shares in the rewards.

Leadership effectiveness plays a vital role in your ability to achieve your personal goals. Whatever you do to improve your leadership success adds directly to your personal success. Whether you pursue a course that leads to mediocrity or set out on a journey to outstanding success is a matter of your own free choice.

When you choose to break out of a conditioned existence and begin your journey to unbelievable success, consider these three areas:

Self-knowledge. Personal growth requires self-knowledge. Examine your values, your habits, and the things you believe. Take a look at the desires that motivate you and the purpose you have for your life. Become aware of strengths you have upon which to build and the areas in which additional growth is needed.

Goal setting. When you know who you are, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and understand what is important to you in life, you are in a position to set challenging goals that will organize and direct your activity and make the best possible use of your potential.

Attitudes and habits. Just as you developed your present habits through the repetition of actions or thoughts, you can change attitudes and habits that are not working well for you. Identify the new habit or attitude you believe will be important to your success. Plan specific actions you can take and schedule them into your daily activity. Use whatever reminders are necessary to see that you take these actions until they become automatic from repetition.

Strive to develop new habits and attitudes that will condition you for success and mold you into the leader you want to be.

Leadership Management® Institute
Reprinted with permission

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