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Have you ever hired someone only to learn that the individual was just a good talker?

Today people are groomed in what to say and how to act in an interview, thus an interview is an artificial situation and not a truly objective way to evaluate what a person is really like.  Background checks are good, however they reflect the past behavior of an individual and lack an ability to accurately project the future.

If we cannot count on the accuracy of data obtained in the interview and recognize that the past may not be a predictor of the future, the question remains:

What is available to the employer on an independent, objective basis that will give a good, clear picture of the candidate for a job?

The answer is a the Achiever Assessment.  It tells the employer:

  • Which candidate best fits the job
  • Which candidates an employer should be most concerned about hiring
  • Which candidate is the best choice for transfer or promotion
  • How to focus training and managing an employee to success in the quickest, most effective manner
  • The Sales Achiever ascertains whether an individual has the personality to build relationships, negotiate terms, and ultimately close the sale

The Achiever takes the guess work out of hiring, how best to develop, communicate, promote, motivate and so much more!

Note: For legal compliance, the assessment may count up to  one-third (1/3) of your decision making process along with the interview, reference check, education and experience.

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How confident are you about the effects and costs of turnover on your business?  For your convenience, we are providing an excel spreadsheet that will help you look at turnover in a comprehensive manner.

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“An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure”

Achiever Pre-hire
Reports, Coaching &

Introductory Offers

Option I
Achiever Basic Pre-hire

3 Achiever Reports
for the Price of 2!
Includes Pre-Hire Questions

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Option II
Achiever Deluxe Pre-Hire

3 Achiever Reports
for the Price of 2!
Includes Consulting
& Feedback Coaching Session

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Option III

Achiever Premium
Pre-hire Assist

9 Hours Coaching Over 3 Months
Includes 3 Achiever Reports

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Achiever Premium
Pre-hire Multi-Assist

18 Hours Coaching Over 3 Months
Includes 3 Achiever Reports

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