Achiever Bonus Information

Bonus Note*

The Achiever Report is a truly amazing development tool that will guide you and your coach in your development process.

The Achiever will help you learn how:

  • You process data so you can better communicate and lead yourself as well as others
  • To determine which responsibilities are best suited to your style
  • To focus your leadership and management style to greater to success

Since leadership always starts are the top, we recommend that business owners and their management teams take the appropriate Achiever for an objective understanding of their leadership talent and challenges as well as their development recommendations.  From there, you can move on to assessing current and future team members.

The Achiever takes the guess work out of development needs, how best to communicate, promote, motivate and so much more!

Bonus Note**

This option includes the report benefits noted above plus 


A 60 minute Feedback Coaching Session for each participant .  The coaching session includes:

  • How profiles work
  • Discovery of individual self-knowledge
  • Review of profile results
  • Emphasis on strengths while shoring up the challenges
  • Development suggestions with plan of action

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