Achiever Deluxe Post-hire

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with Achiever Post-hire Reports, Coaching Sessions for each participant and a follow-up consultation with the employer.  You will be cutting costly mistakes, reducing turnover, and increasing productivity in a manner that will truly benefit your bottom line . . .

Introductory Offer

Since our philosophy is to make money with our clients as opposed to on them, we would like to help you get started saving and putting more money to your bottom line. This package includes 3 Achiever Post-hire reports for the price of 2!

II.  Achiever Deluxe Post-hire Package

Report Features & Benefits
  • Predictive success index
  • Leadership and sales abilities
  • Needs assessment
  • Development suggestions
  • Development plan of action
  • 6 mental aptitudes
  • 10 personality dimensions
  • 2 distortion scales

*Please see our Pre-hire Packages if you desire interview questions and an interpretive guide.

Participant Feedback Coaching   

A 60 minute Feedback Coaching Session for Each of the 3 Participants* .  Each coaching session includes:

  • How profiles work
  • Discovery of individual self-knowledge
  • Review of profile results
  • Emphasis on strengths while shoring up the challenges
  • Development suggestions with plan of action

*We recommend that one of the participants is the business owner or key employee to whom the other participants report.


A Consultation (30-60 Minutes) with the Manager to discuss the Achiever reports and feedback sessions with the participants.  The consultation includes:

  • Participant(s) fit to responsibilities, manager and organization
  • Development suggestions and plan of action
  • How to improve communication and results between parties
Package Specifications
    • Number of Reports:  3
    • Report Choice: Achiever or Sales Achiever
    • Feedback Coaching Session:  60 Minutes per Participant
    • Consultation:  30-60 Minutes with Manager
    • Offer expires in:  30 Days

    Note:  There is 2 package limit per organization with this Introductory Offer (6 reports total, 2 free).  However, we offer a 5-10% discount based on volume as part of our Client Loyalty Program for future purchases.

To see a sample Achiever Click Here>  For the Sales Achiever Click Here>

Option II
Achiever Deluxe

Introductory Offer

Time is of the Essence

Buy 3 Reports for the Price of 2!
Includes 3 Feedback Sessions
& Consultation

Regularly $900
Today $600
(Save $300)

Buy Now



Call 916-932-2090 or 775-826-8282

Hurry! Special offer expires in soon!

“Every time we overrule the Achiever. . .every time we say ‘no this can’t be true’ . . . we’re wrong and it ends up costing us money.” – Executive VP

“I would estimate that the Achiever results were 99% accurate.  I feel that I can improve my job effectiveness by 20% if I use the results to capitalize on my strengths and improve in the areas that I would like to improve on.” – Engineer

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